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Savannah Cracraft

5CheckTech is AMAZING. <--- this is your new go to computer tech co. Gabriel totally rescued my small office. He fixed our networking issues, improved our security and overall functionality. Karin was awesome as well. She got us set up for a quick appt. due to our dire need for a PC doctor! 5CheckTech is SUPER knowledgeable, trustworthy and even affordable. Cannot say enough good things about this company.

Mauriona Darger
Gabriel, the owner and cybersuperhero from 5CheckTeck is just that, a superhero!
My situation was dire & Gabriel took immediate action. Despite his other projects and how late in the day it was. He worked quickly, after hours, just to ensure I was taken care of.
He took a very serious hack job and fought it until the threat was eliminated. It took some major work! The hackers who took over my laptop had their claws in deep. By the following afternoon however, my laptop was my own again!
Gabriel also installed some great products to keep it safe. Best of all, Gabriel teaches clients how to protect themselves, rather than to rely solely on him for protection. I love that!
Let me give you some context to just how bad the situation was before I called Gabriel…
When my laptop (barely a year old) started developing minor glitches, it was irritating to say the least. However, I had no idea it was part of a cybercriminal's larger plan to gain root in my system and take over. For nearly 6 months my laptop was becoming more and more compromised and I had no idea I was being hacked!
The hacker had installed a RAT (Remote Access Trojan) and was shutting down core functions designed for security, processing and to shut me out from administrative access.
Utilizing this malware/spyware I can only imagine what they had access to. My cameras? My speakers? Not to mention all my private accounts and content.
The hacker waited for an opportunity when I was extremely vulnerable, then descended on me like a vulture. They waited for a time when I was handling very sensitive data (SSN & Personal Information) then, they froze my laptop!
Using a phishing scam, which appeared as a very convincing Microsoft Security Alert, they told me a hacker was stealing sensitive data at that very moment. And to protect me, they froze my system. (Little did I know, they were the very hacker they warned me about!)
Now typically I know better, but in that moment I panicked! So I called the number provided, assuming I was calling Microsoft.
Some lady from India (who unbeknownst to me, already had full access into my system) told me she was going to take remote access in order to fix the issue. As if!
Rather, she proceeded to utilize scare tactics to show me just how much control the hackers (secretly, her) already had of my system and home network. Indicating that they would easily be able to take over the other laptops in my household if I didn't act quickly.
After a very long scare, she informs me that, of course, she can resolve all of it for me. She could protect my system from further intrusion, I just needed to give her $300.
By then I had woken up to scam. This lady IS the hacker! This cybercriminal wanted my payment information. I realized I had been duped...
But it wasn't too late! I hadn't given her any money. And I knew I had to get her off my laptop and off the phone.
I said I didn't have the money available yet so I'd have to call her back. After much convincing, she finally agreed to hang up, but first, I asked her to release the remote control of my laptop.
She said she did, but she lied! Seconds after I hung up the phone, I saw the pointer on my laptop moving!! My anxiety spiked! I hit Ctrl + Alt + Del to open the Task Manager. I was going to end tasks and remove her manually. But she was just as quick! She exited the Task Manager remotely and proceeded to do her dirty work.
I wasn't giving up though! I quickly opened it again, and again, ending tasks each time as she kept closing it. And finally! I got the right one. She was removed from remote access. Or so I thought…
But It was too late. My screen turned grey. I had no access to ANYTHING. Anything that is, except for the notepad application, which she left available to me with her contact information on it.
I was a hostage. Her ransomware would prevent me from ever using my laptop again! Unless I called her back and paid the money.
That's when I called 5CheckTech!

Daniel Hernandez

5CheckTech KNOWS what’s up!!! They have the best customer service I have ever had when it comes to IT solutions. They will not disappoint!

Sarah Ceo

I was beyond impressed with the quality of service and how promptly they helped me! Highly, highly recommend!